Orthopanomograms (OPG)

Dental treatment become necessary when there are some infections like tooth decaying, infection in gums, cancerous and non-cancerous infection, cysts etc. The treatments are not just to cure the infection people also go for the surgeries and minor treatments like filling the cavity tooth, scaling, braces, and the abnormal growth of the tooth which can become a problem for later time. In dental field the different and more advance equipment is introduced which has made the work easier for the dentist to deal with the patients. With time and more advancement in technology the dental surgeries became less painful. This technology advancement has made easy for the dentists in Sydney to diagnose the disease and then pre plan the treatment procedures.

The X-ray technology was introduced in the early century which is still now in use but with the passage of time the advancement level has increased. X-rays has made easier for the dentists to diagnose the disease but in previous era the radiations of X-rays were quite strong and now they are low dose radiations. The patients are exposed to low dose radiation which has lessen the chances of the negative effect.

X-rays are mainly used in to take the pictures of the inside parts of the body and the bones. Another technology is introduced which is panoramic X-ray and it helps in taking pictures of the upper and lower area of the jaws and the teeth. It takes lesser time to take the radiographs which is approximately 20 seconds. It involves the scanning procedure which is done by rotating the OPG around the patient’s head. OPG helps in scanning the tooth fractures, if the jaw is dislocated, if there is some kind of infection between the teeth or the jaws. Mainly the OPG helps in planning the surgical treatments.

OPG gives the dentists the more detail view of the X-ray and it is panoramic in nature. It gives the clear view of the teeth of upper and lower area. It shows the number of teeth present and how they are place which is their positions, the growing procedure can be seen and if there is any abnormal growth of the tooth or the wisdom tooth growth is there they give it a treatment. Despite of the X-rays which give the view of just one tooth, the OPG gives the full of the mouth and the overall teeth can be viewed to check if there is any kind of infection or any fracture.  OPG gives the view of the fracture jaw bones and gives a wide view of the joint that is connected to the jawbone. There is a joint that connects with the jawbone and to the head, this can be clearly viewed and this joint is named as temporomandibular joint abbreviated as TMJ. This scanning is necessary for the dentist if the surgical treatment is required, it is also useful for the overall view of the teeth, the wisdom tooth assessment, it also view the bone of the jaws and which gives support to the teeth.

Ways To Improve Oral Health

Taking care of your oral health is just as important as taking care of the rest of your body. Most people neglect oral health thinking it isn’t that important. However, what you don’t know is that it related to your overall health. Studies show that there is a strong link between oral health and heart disease or stroke. Also, you could develop some serious illnesses such as oral cancer. So here are some easy steps you could follow daily, to ensure your oral health is well maintained.

  • Brush daily
    How hard is it to brush twice a day? The unfortunate situation is that you do brush, however you don’t really know the proper technique in brushing. You need to hold the brush in a downward 45 degree angle so that it brushes your gums too. Just like your teeth, your gums need to be cleaned so make sure you do it. if not, you’ll experience gum disease, which results in tooth loss. Brushing well will ensure you remove plaque; the acidic substance that builds on the surface of your teeth that damages your enamel. This will cause cavities, discoloration etc. You might have to get the perfect veneers if you don’t take care of the surface well. You also need to get the correct brush. Hard bristles can damage the enamel so buy a softer bristle.
  • Take a visit to the dental clinic
    It is essential to see your dentist in South Melbourne at least twice a year. However, if you are experiencing severe conditions such as bleeding gums, high sensitivity or cavities, you need to see a doctor immediately before the condition worsens. He will also be able to identify any disease at an early stage if you visit him often for clean-ups and check-ups. If he does identify such symptoms, he will advise you on how often you need to visit him. You can also ask him the tools and technique for proper brushing, flossing etc.
  • Eat a balanced diet
    Our entire body health depends on the food we take in. With fast food and high sugar artificial foods becoming the trend of today, you might be damaging your health, including your oral health immensely. High calcium foods will help in strong teeth and gums. Your diet should include lots of fruits and vegetables, along with lean meat, whole grains, healthy oils, fibre and vitamins. When sugary substances remain on your teeth, it will encourage bacteria to react on it, creating plaque and finally damaging your teeth. Limit tea and coffee as they cause discoloration.