Four Ways To Battle Pregnancy Back Pain

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Two nutrients that aren’t exactly on the popular list are magnesium and potassium. But these nutrients although less known, can have a huge impact on our bones. In fact, potassium neutralizes the acid which can leach the calcium out of your bones, and low on magnesium could affect bone health. To balance both, all you need is medium sized baked sweet potato which is rich both nutrients. First off, if you’re going to be a mom, then here goes out a shower of confetti, and a loud congrats! Yay! For most moms, with pregnancy comes an annoying pain in the back. But nothing worth having comes easy right? Back pain is a common problem among pregnant women, and there’s many ways you could prevent or even relieve it. A few of them are listed below, so keep scrolling and have a happy read!

Practice Your Posture.

I’m pretty sure your mom or gran did say that a countless number of times, whilst you tried to sit with one side of your body bent looking like a question mark, blandly dismissing whatever they’re saying. But good posture is more important than you think, because as your baby grows, your center of gravity shifts forward, and this would lead you to leaning back which can strain your muscles and give you a back pain. You can avoid this by standing up straight, holding your chest high. However, make sure to keep you should keep your back and relaxed, and don’t keep your knees locked.

Get The Right Gear.

As much as you anticipate wearing high heels for your baby shower or any event, try not to resort to it because, even women who’re not pregnant run to the Fairfield osteopathic clinic due to the back pain they get from constantly wearing high heels. Opt for low heeled ones or flats with good arch support. You could also consider getting a maternity belt to help relieve your pain, but again wearing it only during more taxing activities is recommended because if not, your muscles will stop working and will have to be retrained after having your baby.

Work Out.

Nah, pregnancy doesn’t mean you can get all your cravings right to your hand from mango pickles to mint ice-cream, and binge watch Friends all day. And if you’ve got an annoying pain in the back, you need to get your feet off that fancy duvet and start including gentle physical activities. If you’re going for pregnancy osteopathy Melbourne, your osteopath will support you with what activities you could carry out but if not, even walking and a few other simple stretches that your therapist recommends would do.

Be Careful When Lifting.

You should be extremely careful with this one because, even normal people with weak bones would end up in bed for days suffering from a back pain, due to heedlessly lifting too heavy things like agas cylinder or even a large bucket of laundry. If you want to lift a small object, squat down and lift with your legs, and don’t resort to bending at your waist or your back. If you think you need help, then please do seek for it.